December 8-9

Faculty of Mathematics, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Mageburg


  1. Altmann, Klaus (Berlin)
  2. Ananiadi, Lamprini (Magdeburg)
  3. Averkov, Gennadiy (Magdeburg)
  4. Bartelmeß, Nina (Jena)
  5. Bernig, Andreas (Frankfurt) Differential operators on contact manifolds
  6. Besau, Florian (Frankfurt) Floating bodies of polytopes
  7. Borger, Chrisopher (Magdeburg)
  8. Brandenberg, René (München)
  9. Brehm, Ulrich (Dresden) Extremal d-dimensional cellular projective spaces with the intersection property
  10. Böhm, Johannes (Jena)
  11. Dachs-Cadefau, Ferran (Halle) Computing jumping numbers in higher dimensions
  12. De Wolff, Timo (Berlin)
  13. Dey, Papri (Bombay) Characterization of bivariate determinantal polynomials
  14. Doğan, Mahmut Levent (Berlin)
  15. Dressler, Mareike (Frankfurt)
  16. Frettlöh, Dirk (Bielefeld) Bounded distance equivalence of Pisot substitution tilings
  17. González Merino, Bernardo (San Javier) Volume estimates via volumes of sections and projections
  18. Harris, Corey (Leipzig) Euclidean distance degrees of smooth varieties
  19. Iglesias Valiño, Oscar (Santader) Classification of empty lattice simplices of widht larger than two
  20. Iosif, Alexandru (Magdeburg)
  21. Kahle, Thomas (Magdeburg) The geometry of Gaussoids
  22. Kotrbaty, Jan (Jena) Invariant valuations on the octonionic plane
  23. Lang, Julius (Jena) Isometries of the Hilbert metric on polygons
  24. Lehn, Christian (Chemnitz) Compactifications of certain moduli spaces constructed from type IV domains
  25. Liu, Jiawei (Magdeburg) Kähler-Ricci flows: from twisted case to cusp
  26. Lozovanu, Victor (Hannover) A convex geometric approach to study algebraic varieties
  27. Manecke, Sebastian (Frankfurt)
  28. Martini, Horst (Chemnitz)
  29. Nill, Benjamin (Magdeburg) On the geometry of numbers of lattice polytopes
  30. Obst, Alina (Chemnitz)
  31. Pautze, Stefan (Pörnbach) Cyclotomic aperiodic substitution tilings
  32. Peters, Benjamin (Magdeburg)
  33. Plaumann, Daniel (Dortmund)
  34. Ploog, David (Magdeburg) Rigid subvarietites
  35. Portakal, Irem (Berlin)
  36. Reichelt, Thomas (Heidelberg) Spiegelsymmetrie für vollständige Schnitte in torischen Varietäteten
  37. Ren, Yue (Leipzig) Generic binding polynomials of biomolecules with (n,2) sites
  38. Reuschel, Agnes (Dresden)
  39. Richter, Christian (Jena) Tilings of convex sets by mutually incongruent equilateral triangles contain arbitrarily small tiles
  40. Saorín Gómez, Eugenia (Magdeburg)
  41. Schymura, Matthias (Berlin) Discrete lattice periodic sets and Archemidean tilings
  42. Schüler, Robert (Rostock)
  43. Seidler, Henning (Berlin) Circuit polynomials for a simplex Newton polytope
  44. Simon, Miles (Magdeburg) Local Ricci flow and limits of non-collapsed regions whose Ricci curvature is bounded from below
  45. Sinn, Rainer (Berlin) Quadratic persistence of projective varieties
  46. Stimpert, Susanne (Jesberg)
  47. Wenzel, Walter (Leipzig) The Tutte group of matroids of arbitrary rank
  48. Yürük, Oğuzhan (Berlin)

Geometrietag 2018

Geometrietag 2018 will take place in Dresden.


We greatefully acknowledge the financial support of the DFG Research Traning Group on Mathematical Complexity Reduction DFG-GRK 2297.